Curriculum Day - Staff PD with Kath Murdoch

On Friday 22nd of February the Newcomb Park PS staff joined with St Leonards Primary School in a Professional Development Sessions.  We were lucky enough to spend the day with Kath Murdoch who is a well known expert in the area of Inquiry learning.

Inquiry learning is about students making choices and taking responsibility for designing ways to investigate problems, questions, challenges and passions.  

At Newcomb Park Primary we are currently focusing on building student voice and building student agency.  Inquiry learning supports this, as students contribute their ideas and their questions and guide the development and progress towards their own learning goals.

After our PD we are excited to continue to work with our students as they build their motivation adn their thirst for learning.  We want students to be self motivated and self directed, with support from us as teachers.  We are thankful to Kath for a great day and look forward to seeing where this work takes us!