School Profile

"Strive for Knowledge"

Newcomb Park Primary School is situated six kilometres from the city of Geelong at the approach to the Bellarine Peninsula on what was previously the site of Newcomb Primary School. The Newcomb Park Primary school was established at the beginning of 1997 following the amalgamation of Newcomb South Primary School and Newcomb Primary School.
Newcomb Park Primary School has developed a strong supportive relationship between the school and the community which is evidenced by a strong School Council and sub-committees, Parents and Friends Association, Junior School Council and the volunteer helpers.
The school currently has 100 students enrolled and 5 classes. Newcomb Park Primary has remained committed to achieving a low student teacher ratio.

The school provides the daily 2 hour Literacy block and the one hour Numeracy block, with the specialist Programs for Visual Art, Physical Education and Music. We have worked to maintain a high level of computer technology throughout our school to provide vital access to digital learning to all areas of the curriculum and across all class levels.
The school has a well resourced library which has been fully computer catalogued and provides internet access for students. The school has a well developed computer network that is accessible to all students. We provide a 1-1 Ipad/laptop program. All classrooms are connected with Interactive Whiteboards adn high definition televisions.

Newcomb Park Primary School completed a School Self Review in 2017. This review enabled us to examine our achievements in Numeracy, Literacy and Student Welfare priorities over the past three years and form a strategic plan to guide our school over the next four years (2018-2021.) 

The review was very complimentary of the school and the quality of the programs provided. A whole school approach to student wellbeing has been supported by all staff who use the School Wide Positive Behaviour approach. Our school Values are RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, RESILIENCE.
The policies, practices, rules and programs of Newcomb Park Primary School have been developed by the school community with the educational and welfare needs of our students as the prime responsibilities.
The learning programs that are offered at Newcomb Park Primary School are firmly based on the belief that every student has the capacity to learn and that learning is maximised when students are provided with challenging experiences in an environment that is comfortable and supportive. Parent participation is actively encouraged and considered to be an essential part of the ethos and success of the school.
Our School Strategic Plan focus is on improving student learning outcomes in Reading and Writing, to raise levels of Student Agency and Voice through an inquiry model and our SWPBS framework.  

The Student Performance Analyser  tracks students academic outcomes so that all teachers can plan for all students from the data.
The Program for Students with Disabilities is important in the school.  We have 5 Education Support Staff who work across the school, providing both academic and social support for our students.  The staff encourages high student achievement and take pride in their students, the school's learning environment and facilities. 
Staff, School Council and the Parents & Friends Sub-Committee have been instrumental in supporting the school's direction.