Specialist Programs

Newcomb Park Primary School provides specialist teaching in the areas of:

  • Health & Physical Education
  • Music
  • Visual Arts

Health and Physical Education
Newcomb Park Primary School has an emphasis on healthy eating and physical activity. We promote walking and riding to school where possible.  Throughout the year we have visits from Mel White, our School Nurse, as well as the Wide Smiles Dental unit.  Students have access to breakfast (if required) and fruit daily and we encourage students to drink water throughout the day.  Kathryn Vickers is our talented PE teacher who works with students across the school every Thursday.


Newcomb Park Primary School has an exceptional Music program.  All students participate in a music class every Tuesday under the guidance of music specialist, Fiona Leen.  We are also lucky enough to have Bec Goring run our SongRoom program each week and our students in P-3 participate in Singing LInks through the BlueBird Foundation.

Visual Arts
All students have one hour of Art every Thursday with our Specialist Art Teacher, Kath Hyland. Our school is regularly involved in art competitions and showcases student work at the Geelong Show.  We have an Annual Art Show which also showcases the brilliant work done by our students.

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