Specialist Programs

Newcomb Park Primary School provides specialist teaching in the areas of:

  • Health & Physical Education
  • Music
  • Visual Arts


Health and Physical Education
Kathryn Vickers is our specialist Physical Education Teacher, with all students participating in a Physical session every Thursday.  The Physical Education Program at Newcomb Park Primary School supports students to develpo the knowledge and skills required to develop and maintain their physical, mental, social and emotional health.  Students are educated about positive food choices and healthy lifestyles.  We promote walking and riding to school where possible.

At Newcomb Park Primary School students are involved in many forms of physical activity, ranging from individual and non-competitive to team and competitive sports.  Students develop fundamental motor skills initially and then move onto more complex skills and tactics required for team sports and skill extension.  

Students develop an understanding of how developing physical capability in flexibility, strength and endurance is related to fitness and physical performance.  The PE program encourages students to enjoy being active as they integrate motor skills and tactical knowledge to improve both individual and team performance.  Participation in all Physical Education experiences is encouraged and praised.

Students develop an understnading of rules, teamowrk, sportsmanship, fair play and strategy, enabling them to participate in movement and physical activit safely and confidently.  Students learn the skills of various sports roles including player, umpire, coach and coordinator and assume responsiblity for the organisation of aspects of a sporting competition.  

HEalth education is taught via our Inquiry curriculum.  Throughout the year we have visits from Mel White, our School Nurse who visits all Prep students to conduct a hearing and vision and general health preliminary assessment.  The Dental Smiles unit visits our Prep and Year 1 students.  All students at the school have access to breakfast club (if required), all classes are provided with fruit for a brain break at 10am each day and we encourage students to drink water throughout the day.  


Newcomb Park Primary School has an exceptional Music program led by Fiona Leen with all students participating in a Music lesson every Tuesday.  

Our Music program provides students with opportunities to develop their theoretical and practical music skills.  They learn about notation, pitch and pace through various experiences both individually and as a collective group.  The students learn about a wide range of musical genres and about a range of well known musicians.

At Newcomb Park Primary School we teach students to be creative and encourage them to listen, improvise, compose, perform and respond to music.  

Music has the capacity to engage, inspire and enrich all students, exciting the imagination and encouraging students to reach their creative and expressive potential.

Music learning has a significant impact on the cognitive, affective, motor, social and personal competencies of students.  At Newcomb Park students have additional musical experiences through the weekly SongRoom program, with the talented Bec Goring, and the SingingLinks program, provided by the BlueBird Foundation to students in years Prep-3.

Visual Arts
Kath Hyland is our talented and inspiring specialist Art teacher and our students are lucky enough to all have a Visual Arts lesson every Thursday.      

The Newcomb Park Primary School Visual Arts program encourages students to express themselves, to be creative and to use their imagination.  Our program develops the appreciation of art and an exploration of well known artists.  Students learn about the principals of art and have the opportunities to develop their skills and technique.    

The Visual Arts program provides opportunities for painting, printmaking, collage, ceramics, sculpture and textiles.  

Our school is regularly involved in art competitions and showcases student work at the Geelong Show.  We have an Annual Art Show which also showcases the brilliant work done by our students.